Jet Charter Cost Considerations Plus Benefits

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The price of chartering a jet can vary significantly depending on the size of the jet and on the destination you wish to travel to. To illustrate, if you were to charter a Lear Jet that seats between five and eight people, from between Long Island and Portland, it may cost you around twenty thousand dollars, all depending on which time of the year you book and the times. A Hawker jet, or another medium sized jet that seats between seven and nine, may cost you ten thousand dollars more when chartering between those two cities. A large jet such as a Falcon that can seat up to fifteen, may cost another ten thousand dollars above the Hawker charter.

A Cessna or a similar turbo prop that can seat twelve people, may cost around twenty thousand dollars.

Traveling by private jet includes having the privilege of dining on great food, perhaps using the on-board spa and being able to have your pet with you in the cabin. Not having to subject your pet to the harsh conditions of having to travel in a cargo hold is a really great benefit, the pet society has deemed cargo travel unsafe and dangerous for pets. Private jet travels means too that you can skip the long lines at the airport and simply drive to the jet and board.

It is expensive to own a private jet or to join an owner-partnership with someone else as the cost of upkeep and keeping current with registrations and other red tape that comes with owning a jet are costly. You may find that when you want to use your jet, that it is unavailable due to servicing and maintenance or that your jet is not big enough for the particular needs of the trip, so you may end up chartering another jet anyway. If you are considering chartering a jet, or buying your own private jet, these are just a few of the considerations to keep in mind before deciding which route to take.

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Jet Charter Cost Considerations Plus Benefits

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This article was published on 2010/03/31